Run Testo

Testo Run

Adele: nel 2016 tour in Italia
you say you want to run and you stay where you are
you say you want to drive but you sit inside the car
i can feel the moment that i waste
there's something left to chew
but there's nothing to taste
when all i did was for for you i always heard you say

i don't want to wait
i can't take it
i don't want to waste my whole life thinking
i don't want to turn around and feel it out for you
that's all i do
i don't want to say that i'm leaving
but i can't find the feeling i believe in
why do you want to keep me moving
why do we do this
i'm not the one to run
it's not my call

save me
i can't believe all my love has gone away
i don't want to lie for you, i swear it
i don't want to act like i don't care
when all you do is hurt the ones that bleed for you
now tell me is that fair?