What A Nightmare Testo

Testo What A Nightmare

through a man i learned a thing or two
what doesn't kill you is what's good for you
what's nothing more than some smoke in my eyes
is left to wait by the fireside
i'll admit it, but you'll chew me out
when i don't care i get the run around
i understand that i'm a one way flight
but plese don't drag me out tonight

just walk away for a while

i haven't heard a word come from your way
but you called me up just the other day
say how you feel now
i never wanted to talk this way
and now you act so strange
when there's a few more days

i don't want to go
i don't want to change
i don't mind the selfish spirit
i don't want to go
i don't want to change
when you speak, my ears don't hear it
when i'm bored of this war
you close the door on me
and turn around and walk away
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