Write Me Off Testo

Testo Write Me Off

when you wake up
there's no more use for you
when you slip up
the few that stayed are through
when the time ends
they'll write off all the new
if you speak up
they'll spit on you
oh i'm aching
trust me

don't you do the same thing
you just do the same thing
why don't you pick it up and drop it off where someone cares
and that's all that i can say when there's a problem almost every day
come on and pick it up and drop it off where someone cares

i gave it all and i turned my head
no one make a sound - no one make a sound
every day i manned the ship - i saw nothing wrong with it
so write me off - i'm fine with that
though you've got these nerves you can't relax
and i'm pushing
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