Rock You Tender Testo

Testo Rock You Tender

I'm gonna rock you child, I'm gonna rock you tender, I'll sing a song of mine, Will make you feel so tender, I hold you tight and keep my fears at bay
When I was just a child, My life was not so tender, They wouldn't sing to me, And though I still remember, Hard times that I've been through, Are not for you
There's folks and books that say, That all the sins of the father, Can never be washed away, Will haunt his sons and daughters, But now I know they're wrong, you make me strong
So many fears inside, No matter how I tried, Cold eyes of tempered steel, Will always be remembered, But you have helped me find, My peace of mind
I wonder at my love, And every day I crave, This trusting light I see in your tender face, You're the only grace I've found
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