Stolen Rose Testo

Testo Stolen Rose

You changed my ways
You changed my day

Remember how it
All got started
Off in the crowd
I saw you
Standin there

Precious and graceful
Simply divine
So unpretentious
Joyful and fine

I can feel a flame thats waking
Like an ocean wave in my garden
Of eden
That's the way tou move me,

Been riding ans jesting
All through the day
Everything's brighter
We've danced on the day
I'm lonesome, the magic
It all goes away
When you're not with me
It all fades to grey

I can feel the flame thats'
Like an ocean wave that's
I stole a rose in the garden
of eden
That's the way you move me

I don't want to be shy now, baby
I don't want to be shy now
I don't want to be shy

It's been so long
I feel so bright, you're the one
That fell into my arms
Everyday feels so great
And my soul
Lights up when you're there
Show me
What you feel inside
I'm sure that
What we feel the same
Show me what you feel inside
I'm sure what we feel the same
I'm gonna tell ya
All the things that you do to
me, baby
I will do all the best for you,
You know
It's a warm flame
Meant to fill our hearts
It's a heart flame
Stolen rose, stolen rose from
That's the way you move me.
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