Think About Your Troubles Testo

Testo Think About Your Troubles

Sit beside the breakfast table Think about your troubles Pour yourself a cup of tea Then think about the bubbles You can take your teardrops And drop 'em in a teacup Take 'em down to the riverside And throw 'em over the side To be swept up by a current Then taken to the ocean To be eaten by some fishes Who were eaten by some fishes And swallowed by a whale Who grew so old he decomposed He died and left his body To the bottom of the ocean Now everybody knows That when a body decompses The basic elements Are given back to the ocean And the sea does what it oughta And soon there's salty water Which is not to good for drinkin' 'Cause it tastes just like a teardrop So we run it through a filter And it comes out from a faucet Where it pours into a teapot Which is just about to bubble Now think about your troubles.

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