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All I Want Is Everything
All Is Forgiven
April Fools Day
Baby Come Backbaby's Coming Back
Baby's Coming Back
Bedspring Kiss
Brighter Day
Bye Bye Bye
Bye, Bye, Bye
Calling Sarah
Family Tree
Ghost At Number One
Glutton Of Sympathy
He's My Best Friend
Hold Your Head Uphello
I Wanna Stay Home
Ignorance Is Bliss
Joining A Fan Club
Let 'em In/that Is Why
Let'em Inthat Is Why
New Mistake
No Matter What
No Matter What (Badfinger Cover)
Now She Knows She's
Now She Knows She's Wrong
Now She Nows She's Wrong
Russian Hill
Sabrina (Paste & Plato)
Sabrina (Paste & Plato)
Sebrina, Paste And Plato
Sebrina, Paste, And Plato
She Still Loves Him
That Is Why
The Ghost At Number One
The Glutton Of Sympathy
The King Is Half-Undressed
The Man I Used To Be
Think About Your Troubles
Think About Your Troubles (Nilsson Cover)
Too Much, Too Little, Too Late
Will You Marry Me
Worthless Heart (demo)