Free Testo

Testo Free

Tiziano Ferro, al concerto non si presentano 1000 persone per paura di attentati
Written by Jennifer Meade - Produced by Jennifer Meade & Samuel Biks for SAMJAM Music Entertainment - Published by Monia Publishing (Socan - BMI)

Verse 1

He brought me out of a situation
Then he placed my feet on higher ground
All I asked was for him to see me through
But he did more than he has to do Oh
I am so grateful cause now I
Know I am free


Oh oh oh oh
No longer tied to the past
Your love has set me free
Renewed me
And that's a fact ain't no denying it

Verse 2

He gave me a new start a new song
A new out look to life
I'm no longer prisoner to the thoughts
That held me back inside
Now I choose to live in a mind set
That's progressive and not destructive
For that fact I know I'm free from the bondage
Of an old mentality


Lord you know all that I've been through
Living a life that was so untrue
I couldn't see right from wrong
I was so confused
If it wasn't for your stead fast hand
That led and kept me standing with my head held high
It was your unfailing love that finally set me free