On Your Couch Testo

Testo On Your Couch

If you need a way home
I could be your ride
And if you need a best friend
I could be your guy
If you need some ice cream
Ill bring some after work

And we can share it on my couch
I'll try to make you smile till it hurts

I wanna see a smile that makes the room light up
I wanna hold your hand, I cant get enough
I wanna sing and scream, at the top of my lungs
I wanna tell everyone...tell everyone

If you need a love song
Ill write when I get home
And if you need to hear it
Ill sing it on the phone
And if you want to kiss me
I'll come right after work

And you can kiss me on your couch
ill try to make you smile till it hurts

if you need me forever
ill gladly be your guy
and if you need a prayer
I will send one to the sky
And if you need all I got
Ill be there after work

Ill say I love you on your couch
And try to make you smile till it hurts
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