This Is Our Year Testo

Testo This Is Our Year

You always hoped
For your big break
But your big break
Is breaking you
You always think
That its true love
But the truth, love
It's falling through

This is
This is a new day
I'll be
I'll be your big break

We'll be
Like shining stars
Stars that shine so far
We'll light up everything
And when your not awake
I'll softly kiss your face
And take away your fear

This is our year

Always hoped
For a blue sky
On a day like this
For our first kiss
We always hoped
Ffor true love
And true love
To feel like this

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This is our year

Don't make no mistake
We know just who we are
You're the chance
I want to take
You never failed me
Yet this far
Don't make no mistake
I love you
With all my heart


We'll be like shining stars
Sstars that shine so far
We'll light up everything

And if you're not awake
I'll wake you up to say
You take my fears away

This is our year
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