Before You Go Testo

Testo Before You Go

before you go
a could night the stars are shining
i don't know why you sy that you have to leave
a little touch, a lover's whisper
but deep inside the wish to kiss you our time will came, that's what i still believe
tomorrow you're far away and you say
all sorrows get blown away but today
i0m baggin you, babe,plase,please stay

before you go
there's something i want you to know
baby,care about my heart
cause it will aways be with you
i'll miss you so
there was a heart now there's a hole
think about it one more time
and let you soul decide tonight
before you go

a flash back, you summer smiling
a butterfly, there's no denyig
a paradise is what we can build with our love
but when go get the thing that you always wished to have
sometimes you feel that you want it to be dead
and then a self-destruction's going on so why baby, can't we be strong
i can someone help us please to go on
and bring lovers to back where they belong

i kno, i'll neve find a better girl
oh, baby,pleas came back to my world
i'm gonna be your man and you will be my pearl
think it over one more time
think it over two more times
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