She Is All I Got Testo

Testo She Is All I Got

verse 1I wanna Tell yall about my old lady....somtimes...Shes really crazyShe blacks out at the drop of a dimeBut she still my babyShe likes to get into confrontations with meTesting my patiece to seeHow far can she before I lose my headhook:Somtimes I love her Somtimes I love her notI aint lettin her goCause she' all I gotverse2All though she nags me and complain alotI aint lettinher go no,no,noThe next minute she can be sweet as everGrinning from ear to earThats why we together What con make her change so fastIt's very confusingMany times I felt like up and leaving,Oh girlBut im way too deep in with herAs crazy as she is I want her to have my kids hookWith her i have grown With her home is homeI will never turn my back on my baby,I cant do thathook (5*) till fade

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