Chinese Beats (Skit) Testo

Testo Chinese Beats (Skit)

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
... Got my Cds on deck and everything ready...
[Jin:] Yo, waddup waddup waddup my man?
[guy:] Oh Jin MC, wassap baby 'Jo maiyo'? [he pronounces it wrong]
[Jin:] Aight, its 'Jo maiya' actually but its coo' man
[guy:] Oh, uh I c u I c u [laughs]
[Jin (guy):] Aight, u got..u came wit tha beats rite? (yeah i got it rite here) Yo Ive been waiting to hear this joint. Yo go ahead, put the CD in rite there yo,(aight hold on) yea I need that crack for this album yo
[guy:] I got crack for u baby... This like... This like my chinese club joint. Like its crazy, like...[cut off]
[Jin:] Chinese club joint?!
[guy:] Its crazy [joint being played]
Intro's sick... Its hype
[Music playing, guy singing (Jin):] uh huh, my chinese people in tha club say hoo. (Oh shit...) and if u wit my people let me...[cut off]
[Jin:] Yao go to tha next joint yo
[guy:] man that was crazy yo!
[Jin:] Yea go to the next one
[guy:] they in the club like.. 'whooo!!'
[Jin:] yea its coo'... nah its hot tho... its coo' yo u got something else tho? u play like.. u can play tha next beat yo? thats coo' u know but I need something different yo
[guy (Jin):] I got this joint rite here (uh huh) this called the chinese fly. this shits crazy. [joint being played] flies goin everywhere(pshh u cant be serious) I got it from a flick and all that shit its crazy (go ahead yo, play it)
[guy singing:] Jins tha name Jins tha name woo Jins tha name Jins tha name woo Jins tha name. Ji- ahh chika urr this is tha remix
[Jin:] Yao, stop it stop it... stop it yo stop it
[guy:] [laughing] woo u hear that shit?
[Jin:] Its coo'... nah... its... Imma... its coo' man. but yo I want some real shit like I need, I need that fire yo I need something different. Im tryn'a change tha game yo. Lemme get somethin yo. c'mon man I know u got more beats
[guy (Jin):] I got some Outkast. Bang (oh wut u got) I got this chinese outkast shit. Its crazy [joint played] its a chinese Caroline (chinese wut?!) Chinese Caroline, thats Caroline singing 'oohhh'...(yo, wut happened to tha beats?!..oh shit..YO YO TURN THAT SHIT OFF YO!) [guy making noises to go wit tha joint] (THAT SHIT IS GARBAGE!) GARBAGE? Psschh, aint u Chinese
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