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yo, i get girls, who you tryin to dis man?
he masturbate so much he had to roc a wristband
you got guns pointed my way
he's so played out, i thought he was the old school joint of the day
i got fans across the country, jin is who they feelin'
last time he had a fan, it was spinnin on the ceilin'
i go online, and check my hotmail
he go on the internet lookin for hot males
you aint a hustler, your man's coppin the work
he be at the club, like tweet, droppin his skirt
oops, i didn't know, my freestyle tearin up
you up on stage but it's a pity though
don't make me spit in your mouth like missy's old video
im nice with it

Scarica la suoneria di Jin Vs. Skazoo!
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