Gangsta Lean Testo

Testo Gangsta Lean

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
[Hook x2]
Wooah that girl
Shhh (Shht shht)
I wanna Woouuf you girl

Oooh that girl, she's on the scene
She be my gangsta
She be my Lean
Oooh that girl, she's in the crowd
I see her looking, she wanna get down

[Verse 1]
Let's jump off, where there's no sleep for days
Regular Joe's on the creep again
If you 'bout it then prove that girl
Show me you know how to that girl
Like who's that girl taking over me, I'm the all as if that don't make her notice me
I don't Curr- 'bout her man, I don't Curr- if she faithfull
I only came out to see what I can Fanai-go
She got boots, Highlights she very use to
Lipgloss, Fragrance smelling like Cherry Nu-Gla
Everything that she rock she look fine in it
When she relaxing, baby is air clining it
I got it bad for diva, I holla back
But if she holla back, is proud as her Rep
Now, can we get it, poppin', Boo
Cuz you watching me, but I'm watching you

Oooh that girl, she's on the scene
She be my gangsta
She be my Lean
Oooh that girl, she's in the crowd
I see her looking, she wanna get down

[Verse 2]
Now things look a little more lively
I'm starting to think she really likes me
Her body is starting to hipnotize me
I'm 'bout to forget I got a wifey
Look how she clings to me, I'm picturing her doing bad things to me
Like up all ya is going down
Oh, Oh yo she's going down
But for real, for real, on the really real
You ain't got to go yet, don't be silly could chill
Hope later on if she feeling me still, I'm like "What's really good, What's really the deal"
If you looking for that perfect man to hold you down ma
Then *sip* this nigga, slow it down ma
But holla if you need a ride back boo
Or just for the record, know that I'm that Nucca



[Verse 3]
Are you the type to give it up when you sleep with the rest
Or the type that like this and say it's deeper than sex
I know, You got a 2-way I need that contact
Let's hit the dace floor I need that contact
Ma, I got big plans for us
She's a freak, she's skandalous
Cuz the blue jeans I see Vicky Inprints
We can puff off like Nikki Infrants
Cuz I like how you do that, damn
Pretty lady gone do that dance
I got my fresh Nike's, Full pockets, and a crisp white Tee
Understand I'm feeling good 'bout me
By now, who's that, my side, all night
And no I'm not drunk, but I'm high off life
I tried to talk, but she ate me, dude
Cuz she big on me, like I'm big on... (Big on...)

[Chorus: repeat to fade]
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