Invisible Man Testo

Testo Invisible Man

When im alone in my room, sometimes i stare at the wall
with the phone off, near withdrawal.
gotta paranoia problem so im known to keep a trigga around yall
BIG told me they b prayin for a nigga downfall
im vacationin on a beach with no sand
tryin to check the time on a clock with no hands
feels like im gettin close, but im no where near it
i touch it but dont feel, listen but dont hear it
starin out a project window, wen the man stresses
me and mental got two different addresses
ones national, trumph international
rational, one is still stuck on the avenue
if you dont understand fine, my bodys playin hine with the mind tryin to escape but layin mines, revamp designed the search but cant find, the times when the future was a tanline.
damn shit was much brighter then
now its just vitamins mixed in with vicodins.
if they gunna set yu up to lose why try to win
cause a scar dont stop nothin on a viking skin
so niggas can come after me
even intelligent hoodlums become tradgies
i move in silence, the jadakiss of jerz
and when in comes to benjamins, i dont say a word ya heard.

a shine of chrome on the cufflink
step out tear down the party and the club scene but i think its obscene
the lifestyles of the rich and shameless
i pick anonymity over being famous
from the start, even if they dont see it i play a part,
rather then sell a record, rather do it from the heart.
i rather put me before yall, i know niggas might call it self centered, i call that being smart,
so i stand behind mics, not even worried about the lime light,
that effects when the times right
if i was kayne i wouldnt have these problems
but then id have kaynes problems
blessed with everything that ever fronted on the planet
but lose the only thing i ever wanted on the planet
back on the canvas, just lost my man with granite, im always counted, grant it
ive been where yu tryin to go, the car said it
bigimy is not strong minded its hard headed
thought i was on the right route tackling the game
till they handcuffed my mouth, put shackles on my brain
powerless stranger, gone but still here
kitty cat my career, put it in a wheelchair
keep the deal fair, nothing but real here
amazed after all these years i still care ii swear
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