Sidetracked Testo

Testo Sidetracked

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
[Verse: Joe Budden]


Sometimes I wanna make money,
But sometimes I ain't motivated
Sometimes I think it's overrated.
Sometimes I'm thinkin' I wasn't supposed ta' make it
But what I show is basic, I normally pokerface it. (What else?)
Sometimes I wanna make music
Sometimes I think it's jus' useless
So y'all don't hear alot of new shit
Clueless, dependin' on what my mood is.
Sometimes I wanna dress-down
I mean I wanna let-up, but'chall be let down.
I'm so easily sidetracked
I jus' lost my train of thought, but besides that...
I wanna stop somebody an' keep it real
But know that they'll understand 'fore I tell 'em how I feel.
I wish I knew how it'd feel
I swear I needed somethin' from the store.
Got a call that I jus' ignored, my day's hectic
I'm overwhelmed wit' thoughts, leave a message.
This Saturday I... plan ta' go shoppin' for my kid
Wanna smoke, no cigs., I'm like where the fuck's the store?
Got a migraine, but I forgot that I was sick
'Cause these jeans don't seem to lay right over my kicks.
An' this'll be the last time that I buy this brand
That I try this brand, oh shit, the bitch called me.
She seems like the perfect girl ta' cheat wit'
Sleep wit', I bet that she can keep a secret.
I turnt' the radio on an' heard a beat, sick
Know I could kill that shit better than he did.
Sometimes I could be so analytical (why?!)
Wit' no audience, so who am I a critic to? (Nobody)
I'm so easily sidetracked
I jus' lost my train of thought, but besides that...
I spent years try'nna figure out why's that
Beat of my drum thrown off by a hi-hat (oh!)
I should hit the club, get a outfit
But fuck that, the lifestyle ain't about shit.
That no longer gets me up, it don't arouse shit (why?)
See, I'm on my OnDemand in the house shit.
I've lost so many relationships (tell me...)
Is it jus' because I don't relate ta' shit?
(Me I,) Me I... I hate ignorance so much
I'm prayin' for niggas that didn't grow much.
Maybe our whole generation was raised wrong
I'm only responsible for me, I gotta' stay strong.
I'm so easily sidetracked
I jus' lost my train of thought, but besides that...
I spent years try'nna figure out why's that (why?)
But besides that...
I'm so easily sidetracked
I spent years try'nna figure out why's that (why?)
I'm so easily sidetracked
Cig's still unlit, lookin' at a pic of a man cross-eyed
On my way ta' kill the nigga 'till the thought died (or...)
Or... or it's a lie, I'm jus' hogtied
Got frog-eyes 'cause chick wit' the phatty walked by.
Nice complexion, nice tan an' so behind her I ran
'Till I seen her destination was a man.
(So) In the street I stand, wit' my heat in hand
For what reason, I don't remember beefin'.
Note to self on my hand: Get even
But I don't remember needin' re-venge.
Now anybody comin' toward me, I'm reachin'
Leg bleedin', (so) fuck it -
I'll retrace my steps followin' the path of my blood leakin'
Lead me ta' Juan's house, which I visit every weekend.
To my knowledge, me an' him wasn't speakin'...
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