Thou Shall Not Fall Testo

Testo Thou Shall Not Fall


Look im on a war path,
tell the oposition,
na keep it 2 yourself im my only competition,
keep the hate coming,
i love the critisim,
but understand im successfull by own admission,
i never had isssh,
but a bad bitchhh,
na let me stop lying most em were average,
if people said my voice would b heard by the masses,
a dust head nicca from jerz,
i wouldn't grasp it,
questions u can ask it,
team'd up with tha classix,
workn' on a classix,
smash it n that's it!
maybe niccaz thought that my knees were gon buckle,
newport in my mouf,
with 2 g's on my buckle,
got mor now than them few g's when i hustle,
spanish broad with thos 2 d's like i love you.
sexy lady it was nice to know ya gota move on,
they can't shake my armor,
a nicca 2 strong,
i think niccas is shady,
but the coups is gone,
n you've been warned!

This is the isssh im talkn bout right here.
Tryin to get on my upliftin issh.
Let's spit at these niccas.

I tried to tell dudes,
way back in 02'
that eventually the game would go back 2 being soulfool'd.
i mean soul-full,
while everythin is woeful,
i tried to stay fresh,
like whole foods on the pro tools.
well mr. fab.
wanna mention him,
he fell the fuak off, i won't mention him,
i only respect 1 fab,
n im friends wit him,
Phonte back'd out,
niccas pump'd cents in him,
they wen't pump'd slugs in my little brother,
but dogg i still love Little Brother,
this other guy,
i aint know who's dude,
got glued 2 YouTube,
hit Jin ask'd if he digest'd his food smooth!
how u beef with joey,
they queers without ears,
that say he aint show without fear,
Nerve of tha young folk,
yo simity sam,
it gettn gun hoe,
nicca bank account got one 0,
he could snort lines wit his dick,
n wont cum dope,
they stringin u along,
don't take it n try to jump rope,
this is how u know u shouldn't feel glory,
cuz i didn't even show, n it end up being a story, im sorry

jus had 2 get that off my chest right quick,
yall in that mood yet?!
i want to thank everyone for there love n support,
thanks for coming out 2night,
now gather around,
it's a celebration,
mic check.

I need it 2 be known,
im grown,
im on some next issh,
thinkin all your $,
texas, not a knecklace,
u got shoot at ma dukes,
be4 the tec spits,
i don;t go out lookn for drama like the fed's did,
music wit a message,
but im no backbacker,
som vengenfullness in me,
but im no backstabba,
no balla in the stripclub,
im throwin cash at her,
tryin to help shorte,
n her goals attach faster,
was insecure when growin up,
niccas laugh'd at her,
now she think she got som self worth,
cuz her ass fatter,
i told her,
give yourself your ?
next time they chain u up,
u can break through those,
nicca call u out your name,
mami break dude nose,
got 2 cha were u goin might take u slow,
maybe ban it,
but never let'em make u fold,
except your short comings,
baby they gon make u home!

I'm Gone!

This is that stompin music!

Keep stompin to it....

Don't stop, keep stompin to it!
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