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Testo Weekend Warrior

Woooh. The weekend is here... (Aye)
Which only means one thing.
It's time to call up that old faithful weekend warrior.
And ladies if you don't know what the weekend warrior
is, 9 times out of 9 you are definitely the weekend warrior
(oh yea, you're it)
Now the weekend warrior is the girl that you never
see during the weekday, you don't know what it that she does
Where's she's from, what's her name (you don't know, who she is)
She doesn't know who your family, your friends, (you don't know)
She just comes in, goes straight to the room, get naked
And waits for instructions
She leaves out, tells the doorman, "this time again next weekend"
And he says, "I know that's right" (see you later)

Now the weekend warrior we've never seen in the daylight
She may even be a vampire, I don't know (true blood, baby)
But I know is when she leaves, I am very pleased (too cold, baby)
And can't wait til next weekend
Weekend warrior, come out and play-ay
Now the weekend warrior doesn't need no juice,
no water, you don't have to be a great host
(she don't need no juice, she don't need no food)
All she comes with is a bottle of Purell
Gotta keep it clean, baby
Weekend warrior, I know you're out there.
(princ orton)
facebook id princeorton27@gmail.com
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