Okay Testo

Testo Okay

Alessandra Amoroso, il concerto è già sold out
The most jaded handle damage control
But I resigned before your funeral
It seems like every time I interfere
Good intentions lead to graves and tears
But I'm alright, I'm O.K.
Words you said to me so many days
I'm alright, I'm O.K., I'm O.K. Hey
Listen Man, I'm talking to myself
As crazy as it sounds I think it helps
I don't believe in afterlife at all
I have no faith the soul will carry on, you're gone
But I'm alright, I'm O.K.
I can paraphrase an old cliche'
I'm alright, I'm O.K., I'm O.K. Hey
Where is my crutch, Where's is my inner overhaul
The return to my distress call
It's ringing for them all, ringing for them all
Ringing for them all
Listen, I can't do this anymore
Detour the self absorbed from the morgue
Listen Man, you were my only hope
There are no saving graces and no miracles
But I'm alright, I'm O.K.
I can paraphrase a million ways
I'm alright, I'm O.K. Hey
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