Wishful Thinking Testo

Testo Wishful Thinking

[with Tiki Thunder]

The smile
On your face
I try my best so you could keep it
Huh, best believe it
'Cause you're so pretty, I don't want nothin' less

You are
The definition of real beauty
And it's everything to me
To do anything just to keep you happy

But I can't take a chance
I can't take the time
Too scared to let you know
I want you to be mine
Can't take the risk
I'm afraid to give in
Now I'm sittin' lookin' at the wall thinkin' of

What could've been
If you let me in
I'd hold you tight
Never let you go
Wish I had the strength
To let you know
You can't blame me for
Wishful thinkin'

Wi-wi-wi-wish wishful thinkin' [x2]
Wishin' I'm awake when I'm dreamin'
Wi-wi-wi-wish wishful thinkin'

Our talks
In the evening
About your lovelife and me listening
Heh, I hide it
But deep inside I say I wish that was me

We are
The definition of meant to be
Maybe not here, not on this very day
My lack of guts to say what I feel makes me have to wait

And I would never ever ever try to steal you from him
I just couldn't, wouldn't do it though I know I would win
He makes you happy, gives you joy, and treats you right
But if the day comes that he stops, you'll be mine overnight

But I can't take a chance
I can't take the time
I have but a nickel
And you're a dime
Can't take the risk
I'm afraid to give in
When I look at you, can't help but thinkin' of


Now I'm sittin' here wishin' you'd text this phone of mine
Lyin on bed lookin at the clock, completely lost my track of time
Comtemplating and debating all the thangs that I could do
Just keep put, my mouth shut, or admit my like for you
'Cause I highly doubt you wanna stay just friends
And if not yet, then I bet, mind changed by the song's end
But my body's givin' out from my head to my feet
If the heart's the strongest muscle, then why is mine so weak?
If his love for you is fat, I guarrantee that mine is thicker
If the songs he write for you are I'll, bet that mine are sicker
He says he can give the best, but I can give you better
So let's skip this wishful thinkin' and let's just get together

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