Can't Turn The Sea Off Testo

Testo Can't Turn The Sea Off

Can't live in a safety net
nobody really dropped you yet?
well they don't hold on forever.
Will hit you like a jumbo jet,
don't stop flying there's a way to go yet
and we're headed there together...

Happy all the time
is not a real life

uh uh uh oh, can't turn the sea off so stop tryin
uh uh uh oh, let it go!

Life is just a candy store
til one day they say "No more! No more!"
and send you packin!
So if you're sitting on your beach alone,
nowhere is here and it's our only home,
so lets start sailing with the weather...

happy all the time
is not a real life
I've been down a dime or two...

things to give and places to go so bye bye
wish I could kiss you more but I guess you had to fly
I will miss you can't you see that that's no lie
but I will feel you in the air and sun and sky...

can't turn the sea off so stop tryin!
let it go!
let it go!
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