You Can Be The Stars Testo

Testo You Can Be The Stars

Feelings can go away
but little girl you are here to stay
and your mummy and daddy love you so
and they're never gonna let you go

One song so long, that we sing
and if you stayed awake another day
you know what I mean, but sitting
sitting here with you, is all I really want to do

You can be the stars. You can be the tune.
There's nothing at all that you cannot do.
Life'll throw you up, but love can float you down
and when things get tough, we'll always by around -
you can be the stars.

Hold that phone close,
I want to hear what you're talking about.
Send you a big kiss, up to the satellite
and down to the ground. Forever,
is such a lonely word, but Together
is the best word I ever heard...

You can be the stars! You can be the tune!
There's nothing at all that you will not do.
Love'll tear you up, but life can touch you down
and when things get tough I hope your ears are
cupped to hear all of the tiny sounds!
that you lose but find again! I don't know how
to begin, all I know is it never ends! It never ends!
You can be the stars...
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