All That I Am Testo

Testo All That I Am

Another night
Another smoke-filled bar
I played my song
I played on my guitar
Reaching out to touch somebody's heart
There you were

You understood
The need inside of me
You believed
And set my spirit free
Beacause of you
I will never be afraid
You made me strong

All that I am
All that I do
All of my heart
You know it's all for you
For the times we cried
After all we've been through
For the dreams we shared
You know it's all for you

So here I am
I've wrote this song for you
To say a thank you
For everything you do
I'm gonna take this chance
Cause there's no looking back
From now on


All the love that I can give
All the joy that this could bring
All our dreams are coming true
Baby it's all for you


Baby it's all for you
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