Grace Testo

Testo Grace

[feat. J.R.]

Age 16, young and bad I ain't had no curfew
With dudes older than me couldn't see being in church dude
Instead, I'm in the street with a heart like night
Like maybe I'm like Jay-Z living the hard knock life

Eyes, scored by light - I'd rather chop and slang
Pop and hang, be schooled how to cock and aim
Looking back my eyes had to be blurry like glass tint
In the rush for my demise, thank God it's the past tense Lord!

I pray the youth would hear the truth in these words
Actually all is vanity outside of You that I serve
Yes! Even this music's a heavenly melody
From the Father telling me to quote to you what He said to me

IF, I wasn't embedded with the Spirit He fed to me
Life love and joy as I know it'd only be dead to me.
But I was resurrected with Christ, the kingdom's prepared for me
If you receive and believe it's a joy you can share with me

Come on!

Amazing Grace, I once was blind but now
Your grace has let me see
Thank God I've been redeemed

I once was lost but now
By your great grace I'm found
Praise God I've been redeemed

The Lord doesn't hurt your position, true repentance will get you out of that state
Escape the hand of His wrath, receive the plan of His grace
Listen, I know it seems like the world has a lot it can offer you
And because of it it's hard for you to hear that He's calling you

Let me talk to you about the void that you feel
You try to replace it with things but the joy isn't real
I had that, filled myself with the fame and the money
And all my quest was still stressed 'cause my flesh it remained hungry.

The pain was there, through all the herb I was cheefing
It was plain it would be the same until I fervently seeked Him then
Seeked Him then, saw the urgency of me and my sin
It's an emergency we believe upon Him

Look, dawg I'm knowing that the streets is real
And them dudes carry heat for real
Listen to me for real, God He is realer than that
Receive Him before He really comes back

'Cause that's what real c'mon!

Lord, my earnest prayer is for my family tree
'Cause it would be (timber!), without You standing with me
I pray, somehow that they would get the good to repenting
Consistent conviction were never were mentioned in Scripture

Hell is hot, I can't give a drop on the tongue
And in the streets, believe you can leave at the cock of a gun my hommies
This world ain't it, please put your eyes to the light
'Cause who's my mother who's my brother if their lives ain't in Christ?

I guess, Matthew 10 and 34 is the key
What He came to be, 'cause there's this war between you and me
Fam, I love you but you on that side of the fence
I just wish He'd quicken your heart, cause I can't try to convince

I've cried and then ceased, but without the tears on my cheeks
For years I would weep, praying you would hear when He speaks
Sincere with my speech, if you opened your ears I could reach
I've been sent here to preach through this song, here with the beats, so listen
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