Tender Grass Testo

Testo Tender Grass

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
I was born and grew up with my ass in the tender grass
I have never travelled cause heaven was under my back
When I wanna party
I just waltz with the wind
And get drunk with the sun
Then I faint under my tree
And dream about so many things

One day came a very charming prince dressed up as a frog
He said hello Simon I'm the prince,
Do you remember me
Memories of sunny afternoon waltzing
Falling on the tender grass
Yes I remember you
I've dreamt about him so many nights

I feel like i could break the spell, feeling
(I could kiss your lips to release you, I'd like it so hard)

At the ball a goat dressed up as a wolf was drunk and it ate my frog
Horrified I took scissors and opened its belly to save my friend

The frog kissed me and then
Became a charming prince
At the end we got married
And adopted so many kids

I'm feeling safe in his arms, feeling
(On my tender grass down on my knees I like it so hard)
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