Dirty Water Testo

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Testo Dirty Water

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
I don't know where I'm coming from
Only know where I belong
There's dirty water in my bones
And she, I know she will follow me
But she ain't got no sympa
She ain't got no sympathy
And I got soap but not money
She ain't got no sympathy
And I got soap but no money

Verse 1: (K-OS)

At the age of 18
Came on the scene clean
Now I know what pain means
Spent time in the darkest places
Beautiful faces in the dark oasis
Tryin' to take this to the full extent
Am I real? Heaven scent?
Clark Kent's my alter-ego
Took that girl down to Puerto Rico
Now I found out that we're not amigos
Treated her foul never as an equal
Now I'm all sad just because my ego
Had a golden key couldn't find the key hole
Don't stop let the beat rock
Concious Hip-Hop is gettin' dropped
Big ups solji and the little one
Little son had beef it's done
Easy come, easy go
Everyone thinks they know
Bout the thing how unknown
Put their thoughts on a throne
Then they name it G-O-D
Colonize you and me
But I'm free, in the sky
Me myself and I, word


Alright, ok, yeah. You know I gotta say that again. Alright, ok, yeah.

Verse 2: (K-OS)
I was walking down
Mountain side
No matter what I did I couldn't hide
From all the things, inside of me
Seems that I was living fantasy
Singing "Ohh" how time flies
With crystal clear eyes
This life I know is gone
Singin "Ohh" how time flies
With crystal clear eyes
This girl I like is gone

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