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Inserito il 20 Dicembre 2010
Amici, le anticipazioni della quarta puntata
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I use a vain tube and drain you
Leave a painful stain through to the angle that came too
Flames grew and left a birth raine out in plain view
The verbal threat they ain't heard of yet
No telling how wet your shirt'll get
Decapitate you and empty out your turtleneck
My obsession it'd be great spark earthquakes
You raise the judge after the battle cause I wasn't satisfied to win in first place
I feed on atoms and molecules
And operate on fools who don't follow rules but the same agent tools that the scaliest use
We can let our thoughts wrestle
Get chestled bust and after all they'll find is a verse nestle in a gutted vessel (yeah)
I supernaturally tackle dreams
Stood alone and shackle teens in my ninety nine sprouted pterodactyl wing
The topness locked in my doctrine chops skin like a crock spin and mock men until they drop like stock options
Still paragraphs with orgasmic compounds
I'm not Jesus but I fear multitudes before verbs and one noun
Youse susceptible
The unaffectable methods that skips steps and fast forward the uneditable
Triggers on weapons pull
Till ya nakeds full of unacceptable geometrical wounds that are non-correctable
My skill pinnacle the mounts to the highest number math in count to which is infinite
All I left was an ounce through
I throw a terb an anworded ya
Unearthed ya with circular enursha the certain to murder the Pursuer

We all you hear with a normal word play
Until the drum will click at your brain like a survey
And get'cha hypothalamus after the third day
And stimulate you with an absence of serwave

I defeated the speed of it's greading with a lift greed of conceitedness
That interpregnant womb that switches the fetuses
I start feening for charagenes, and jackulate the rarred semen
Each phrase that I'm dreaming has a PARA-MEANING!
In each meaning has seven interpretations
And all seven interpretations come with eleven explanations
Filled with multiple situations and parables
The terror pathical carry you
Through the depths of my mental geographical map for you
To diasecting decyphing for one rhyme (what)
I have to write a thousand word pieces to accurately define every one line
Extract Fahrenheit from sunlight
And live the life for ten one-hundred year old individuals all in one night
My Para-digits sparks the collision, with dopper precision
With eyes close I still got binocular vision
I hate they ever recorded ya
My voice is a orchester that tortures ya, until a halo sits to the north of ya
The full civilest G who explicitly
Disconnects your amblisty
And baptize you in a pool of electricity
My words have prescribe for sick emcees like medicine
My side effects include legions that burn skins and melt skeletons
A falling tongues collapse lungs served and breed and start travelling and pack the bloodstream with non-retractable pathages
I'm blasting finite and masculine
And pillaging the I'll-legit
Force ya spirit to divorce ya
My brain tissue gets damaged then it's rebreathed by atmos ferred oyster
You see my face in your speculum
Vertebrate have collected em
Then the next second I'm recycling your requiem

[Hook x2]

Abnormal [x12]

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