Book Number 7 (Intro) Testo

Testo Book Number 7 (Intro)

[Guy 1:] HEY DYLAN!
[Guy 2:] Yeah!
[Guy 1:] Look what I found...
[Guy 2:] What is it I'm digging?
[Guy 1:] Hey Dylan, look what I found.
[Guy 2:] What'cha got there, Kyle?
[Guy 1:] It's some kind of... uh; I don't know... some type of... notebook or something
[Guy 2:] Let's see it.
[Guy 1:] This thing has gotta be a least like a, ah, ah, th, thousand years old.
[Guy 2:] Gee Willikers Kyle this could be monumental let's open it dude!
[Guy 1:] No. No man. I heard about this.
[Guy 2:] Come on man.
[Guy 1:] I don't think we should open it.
[Guy 2:] Archaeologist man, this is what we live for dude!
[Guy 1:] You're on your own man; I'm getting the hell out of here.
[Guy 2:] Give it here, I'll open it.
[Fire blaze sound]
[Guy 2:] What the hell?
[Guy 1:] Told you we shouldn't of opened it.

[Talking: K-Rino]
Man it sho feel good to be free man I appreciate y'all releasing ya boy like that, man
Y'all ain't got no juice or nothing around here, man?
Tell y'all what man just to show my appreciation for y'all letting me loose
I'm a make this massacre short and sweet
Ah-bye [x11]

[Verse 1:]
This is an exorcism
The electro skeleton X strap the back with his next flow listen
Electro vision
That rest of electoral texture of this irregular section of mechanism (yeah)
You diagnosed with doses of uncontrollable scoliosis plus liver serous
Wickishly original lyrical everlasting
Individual spiritual metaphysical mastering
Blasting your zone with a raft ever known
The path of a size of a math crafted in stone
My deepest exegesis is crafted alone
The devilish staff was born and grafted a clone (uh)
I elevate with expose that a secret create biological elements that I make with
The evangelical atomite radical murder capital amerial rapper stacker and battler
I am the sorcerer, broke through the quarter
The two hundred and twenty century galaxy orbiter
Straight from the infinite thought who I thought him
How to combine to summer to spring winter and autumn
My staff is steady as acid when I casted it
One too a hundred and fifty that demo crafted
No match the weather where you look for the heaven
K-Rino the coalition book number seven

I am
The author of book number seven
You unleashed the power of book number seven
There is no escape from book number seven
You're not outside your actually inside of book number seven

[Verse 2:]
I throw hundreds of sun lift punches in the bondists
You in a dungeon that dwells with the infinite conference of my conscience (yes)
I send and receive interglacial faxes
At night my body relaxes, raise it like taxes and levitates over the mattress (yeah)
I transform into a sandstorm
Might tip a form of a newborn, with a baby's body in a thirty-five year old man's arm
There'll be no more sympathy send to ya
I make an eternity into ya, as I mentally circumventor Peninsula
The intensely temperamental might emperor, who increases the temperature
And make sure you receive every ninja strip meant for ya (yeah)
Our position, you don't hear a word from them
K-Rino's the one who picks up the hitchhiking murderer and then murders him
I stand on posters like coasters, they been after meet before my verse
My ultra-sound picture was on a most-wanted poster
Matanic plate strap to my shoulders
Vultures fly out of my folder after I bust and reiterate every flow that I told ya

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3:]
No more CD's technology has finally involved
Albums in peel form you swallow em and let them dissolve
Then you feel much room inferior in your brain when I storm it
You not only hear me resite the song you see me perform it
You thought you had writers block ya brain (uh-uh) was starting to swell up (ha-ha)
Well that was me killing your ideas before they developed
I'm bruising ya cause I'm half super nuclear
You can fit your skill in mine the same amount of time Pluto can fit in Jupiter (listen)
I low revenge into a surgence opponent's then cringe
At the needle penetrates within ya contact lenses
Laid with excruciating pain to use my style
Like a hundred and twenty consecutive root canals
Meanwhile my horrors cancel your tomorrows
I speak words at the authors of the dictionary and the Consorrows borrows
Blast my gun with the Raft of Con, the Jurassic mastodon
And easily warn us galactic triathlon

[Hook x2]
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