Break It Down Testo

Testo Break It Down

Yea we gonna do a little word play on this one
Before you listen to the is look up the word acronym so you can understand it better

[Verse 1:]
GREED, Gaining Riches Exercising Evil Deception
with no regard for the moralistic boundaries you are overstepping
GENEROSITY, Giving Effortlessly Not Even Rattle
Over Small Insignificant Things Yea knowing that a blessing is your destiny
What is LIFE? Love Independent Freedom Equality
existence with a purpose knowledge and the opposite of poverty
What is DEATH? Done Existing A life Time Halted
your spirit is either condemned or exhausted
What is TIME? Transferring Infinite Motion Eternally
the self creation of God started the never ending clock turning G
HEAVEN, Happiness Elevated Achieving Victory Even Now
not when you die but on earth you should be conceiving how
HELL, tell me do you really know the Devil, what is HELL?
Hopeless Existence, where? On Lower Level
GAME stands for Giving All My Experience
for example cracking the minds open to everybody that is hearing this

Break it down, so you can understand it better
even if I got to bust the words down letter by letter
Break it down, so you can understand I'm a dangerous man
with blank page and a pen inside my hand

[Verse 2:]
FAKE, False Advertisers Kicking Exaggeration
fabrication of social status material aberrations and limitations
FRIENDS, Few Real Individuals Expecting Nothing Doing Something
for others regardless even showing love to the heartless
What is LOVE? Lessons Of Value Extended through generations
new creations, discipline, patience, wisdom and education
What is MIND? Mental Intellect Natural Deepness an infinite place
and in any case a terrible thing to waste
HOPE, Having Optimism Possibly Everything will be alright
able to view negative things in a positive light
BUSH, Babylon Under Satan Hand
the devil is the man catch him on C-Span dropping new world order plans
CRACK, Cocaine Rocks After Cook it Kills blacks nationwide
genocide multiplied
Who is GOD? The Great Omnipresence Dominance
Goodness Overcome Deflation Giver Of Devine revelation


[Verse 3:]
DREAMS, Delusional Revelation Entering Average Men Sleep
some can be deciphered and others are too deep
GANGSTER, Giving A Nigger A Guns Seems To Elevate Rage
reducing humans to an animalistic stage
VOCABULARY, that word don't scare me it stands for
Vocal Oratory Collecting All by Using Language And Reading Yearly
What is HOUSTON? Home Of Uncivilized Savages Taking Out Negroes
with a shot bust backwards is where your wig blows
MONEY, a Medium Of National Exchange Yet we ain't smart enough
to use money for business and then started them up
JUDGMENT, Jesus Ultimately Doing Gods Executing Murders
for Every Nonbelieving Tragically with no disputing
What is WAR? Weapons And Radiation plus raw murderer tactics
and by the way the word war is raw spelled backwards
K-RINO, I did that before but since yall want it
Killer Rhymes Intellectually Nullifying Opponents

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