Lyrical Grind Testo

Testo Lyrical Grind

It's our time, to shine
And make, a million
We are the ones, that bump and grind all day
So, we're ghetto children

I come so hard, they put a stray jacket on my tongue
Bust flows, with handcuffs on my lungs
Didn't have a gun, but the blast still stung
Didn't have a rope, but his ass still hung
Living in the ghetto, no time to smile
Laws and playa haters, get placed in one pile
By the time they realized, they legs were chopped off
My foes, had already ran 21 miles
When it's time to hit the streets, I ain't got no friend
We're all living in sin, multiplied by ten
Down to spit a word, at the speed of the wind
And never be ashamed, to tell you hoes I punched in
You came to the table, ready to throw quick
Wanna see how aggravated, my lyrical flow get
Got jacked, looking for a new target to go hit
(you be rapping your ass off K), no shit
I see I gotta be the one, to let the world know
Just because your words rhyme, don't mean you got flow
Y'all don't wanna run up, on K and Z-Ro
We was writing on your level, at the age of 4
Ain't saying a damn thang, talking loud
Flows weaker than water, still acting proud
Every wack ass show you throw, you got mo'
Motherfuckers on stage, than it is in the crowd
On top challengers, I can face those
The coldest in the game, no doubt we rape flows
Can you create, tight shit
Without having to smoke some weed first, oh you can't case closed
I'ma take the game, to levels you never seen
Teach you bout delivering, lyrics you never mean
Pushing a perpendicular, paragraphs of punishment
Mutilating the devil, and stinging him till you scream
Quick to make a lick, then handle the ends
Putting tricks to bed, when I'm rattling chins
Strangle, hitting from a psychological angle
Backdo' him, till he feel like he battling twins
Been in the game, since 1984
Love the underground, fuck the radio
Need a billion dollas, 'fore I leave out the do'
So devils and fake partnas, so long they gotta go


Staying on the grind, all the day long
Puffing on a sack, until all the hate gone
Steady running, through my veins
I gotta go and get a pocket full of change, hustling before all the day gone
I been pimping a pen but, probably fluctuation in the nation
Of poverty, stricken people
So everybody, trying to get a piece of the pie
But the pie for white people, in the land of evil
Me myself, I'm a goodfella
Raining on a hater parade, grab an umbrella
Catch you at the light, catch you at the ATM teller
Young fella, at his last hour
Caught up, in a non sugar coated shower
Raw damaging, motherfuckers ain't managing
To get away, from my beam
Leave a nigga not standing when, I shoot him and stab him
Can't get away, from my team
Ain't nothing but killers and drug dealers, and blood spillers in one spot
Eagle talons hollow points, and regulars in one glock
Take it out, it take one cock
Take over the whole city, but begin with one block
It's a promise, of paper will put a pimp plump out a pocket side
Motherfucker I'm willing to kill, and willing to die
Any nigga willing to try, cause I don't bar nothing
Leaving son of a bitches, in stitches
For my riches, cause I'm paid in cash
Running up on em, where the wet marijuana square
Fried out, who's gonna save his ass
Sick cause I don't like busting a men, I gotta get my grub on
So my family, can get they grub on
And when we grubbing, it's a family affair
Gotta get enough grub, for everybody to grub on
Everyday all day, on a mission to make that money
Gotta get that pay, K dash Rizino and Z-Riggy-Riggy Ro
Gon get our share, and fuck ass and for
We taking it, leaving bald spots in they hair
Life is hard, but it's fair


Penitentiary chances, taken
We're risking, our own li-i-ives
But now, we pimp a pen all day
Collecting G's


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