No Mercy Testo

Testo No Mercy

[Verse One]
I ain't no wrestler but I'll body slam yo' ass with a flow
my clique be runnin' shit like the NWO
no mercy in this rap game i've come with the blade
fuck some clippers, lyrics sharp enough to tighten ya fade
we can trade brains for a month just to see who can wreck it
mine's so powerful ya fuckin' head'll bust the 1st second
I possess syllabic syanide so rappers dissolve
in the WEAKEST part of my wisdom universes evolve
see I blast into the future, location exact
I'm bringing rhymes from the year 2028 back
scientists couldnt resist the hypnotism of k
words travel killin' mc's 7 planets away
of the sinister mothafuckaz I'm the chief of the panel
attackin like atoms crackin' where my anger was channeled
you was runnin' but I didnt move and still won the race
push ya head in a cassette and fast forward ya face

you motherfuckers better learn my name
ain't no mercy when you step up in this damn rap game
(sho nuff) all you weak hoes sound the same
it ain't no mercy when you check your basic ass up in the game

[Verse 2]
many tried, we can have this battle in or outside
if you rhymed 1st and died before my turn I wouldnt let you slide
cause before they put yo' ass in the ground
I'll stand over your damn body bussin' rhymes to win the fuckin' round
quick to initiate some bad luck
I got 7 personalities and all of um as agg as fuck
lyric addicted so I'll never quit
I'll give you credit tho' you kind'a good, on 2nd thought "man
fuck that shit"
I'll break you in a million parts with my thesis
then shatter each one of those million broken parts into a million pieces
just like sports but I got other reasons
I hold the record for the most rappers fucked up in 1 season
if I don't warn my opponent he's subject to run
see all I said was mic check he said"fuck it you won"
doubled my skills' miles per hour so my thoughts improve
making me counter-act BEFORE you make your 1st move


I'm in South Park Coalition bound / S.P.C. till they put me in the ground
I'm in South Park Coalition bound / S.P.C. till they put me in the ground

[Verse 3]
you cant handle the hell I make while I verbally telestrate
scholars wonder how I persist to go deeper yet elevate
HONESTLY, physically, mentally no rappers astonish me
in a room 1, 000 images of k, now which one is me?
in a zone too powerful to withstand it alone
your panic was shown, i swing microphones turning planets to stone
vanished and gone to oblivion never energized
the only way I'll let you win is if the winner dies
insrtumental fiendin' to blast like a gun slug
my radio was still bumpin' while it was unplugged
no battery, miraculous scripture composer excell higher
injecting countless killograms of hell fire
hallucinate to points where you're doubtin' reality
rappers be scrap to me emphatically shattered anatomies
understand im bussin' like a harpoon
I was born in south park but I aint talkin' bout that cartoon


I'm in South Park Coalition bound / S.P.C. till they put me in the ground
I'm in South Park Coalition bound / S.P.C. till they put me in the ground ...
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