Square The Game Off Testo

Testo Square The Game Off

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
[Verse One]
[ring] [ring]
My phone rung, 11 'o clock, I'm feeling tight
It's that girl that I gave my number at the store the other night
What's up? (What you doin)
Just watchin TV
(Why don't you come over to my krib and you can watch it with me)
Now who you stay wit? (I got my own apartment and ride)
Well man, write down the directions I be chillin outside
Sho enuff, 20 minutes later, time to excape
I got my tooth brush, my rubbers, and my dough I might take
On the way there, hold up, where your husband or man?
(Boy I'm single, I do what I want) Aight, don't be playin
When I got there, I kicked back, like I was in charge
Hit the shower, then I let her give my back a massage
I'm almost about to stick her on the living room floor
Till I hear knock, who's that at the door
(Oh shit thats my boyfriend, I thought he was gone
If he catch you in this mutha fucker it's gon' be on)
It's gon' be on? I peeped outside this foo ain't alone
He got three more homies out there wit 'em, hand me the phone
(Who you callin?) I'm callin DBX and I.Q.
Man I knew that I would get in trouble fooling with you
This foo screamed out he coming in the door to kill me
Counted one, counted two, kicked it down on three
Now I'm standing in the living room holding a bat
But I still ain't got no win, cuz he was holding a gat
Now I'm tellin and explainin, feeling dressed like a fool
Tryna figure out a way to steal his ass on the coo
Then she squared 'em off, cussed 'em out, and told me to stay
She said (I was about to dump your sorry ass anyway)
This foo click, he got ??mo' agg?? and said you a lie
If I leave this mutha fucker everybody gon die
Man why, do I, have to sit up and try
to justify, what somebody put me in being fly
When my boys came 20 deep, I knew I was fine
And them three foo's that he was wit start changin they mind
Baby, grab your phone, put fine K, and scratch my name off
It's too late, you shoulda squared the damn game off

Square the game off, why take a chance?
All you gotta do is just tell me in advance
Square the game off, ain't no need to lie
Keep it on the real, that way don't nobody die

[Verse Two]
I was chillin at McGregor park, mindin my own
My boy ??Bummer?? kickin back on the cellular phone
I see ??Mack, D.D., Cliff White, Mike Richard, and Ray??
??Punch, Ellis, Bo, and Polo??, shit I'm ready to play
??Drunk and Wind?? pick me up, my shot was aight
I'm gon' win me bout four or five and call it a night
But their this girl on the sideline checkin me out
Uh oh, let me go and see what this is about
I ain't even have no hair cut, and I'm dressed real cheap
But I was knockin down them mutha fuckin jumpas from deep
She said (I like the way you shoot the ball, do you ever miss?)
It really ain't nuthin to it baby it all in the wrist
(When it come to ball players I can never resist)
Hmm, pull out the pen and paper (write your number on this)
Right then, here some foo come straight aggin a fit
One of the hoopers that I just beat, that is who she was wit
Aw shit, now analyze how ignant he act
He about 6'8" 240, I ain't tryin to see that
He stood madder than a pit bull, bout ready to swang
But his partna that he rolled wit had seen the whole thang
Straight told him what she did tryna to make his boy see
Here she come (Who you gon believe, that nigga or me?
Boo I love you, so anythang he say, I don't care
Now look, tryna do that, when you right over there)
Now girl you good, so while the boy was tryin to think
I left but when I looked back, she gave me a wink
Man it's over, so my hidden assassins took they aim off
It's dangerous when somebody don't square the game off

[Chorus x2]
Square the game off, why take a chance?
All you gotta do is just tell me in advance
Square the game off, ain't no need to lie
Keep it on the real, that way don't nobody die

Won't nobody die
Won't nobody die
Won't nobody die
Won't nobody die

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