The Canvas Testo

Testo The Canvas

Man naw that's not goin get it man,
Gotta come better than this
My head is killing me mayne

[Verse 1:]
Gazing at this blank page channeling my deep cerebral phase
My mind slowly reaches the ninth stage
Boom! Now I've capture it
The paragraphical map is scrambled in my inner-cranial labyrinth
I'm focused let's go after it
I moved in carefully the canvas stares at me with apathy
And as I struggle it sarcastically talks back to me
Frustration pops in the strain out of classical
Concoction is pain staking but failure's not an option
A spark the size of a quark
Try to take shape and develop into what becomes an embryonic thought
My endolfins releases start chasing it
My cerebellum embraces it but I hasten over-anxious just erases it
A split second away from delivering
Was at the edge of my mental but quickly back flip it to the River of Oblivion
I'm almost nauseous why should I be cautious
When all this inanimate garbage is under my auspice
The vision within the smooth black pen
But when the concept begin something pushes it back in
All the inspiration ceases a sharp pain increases
Scattered fragments of a thesis but my mind won't release it
Fighting something not typical to fight with
Stare at the page all night till my sight quit my occipital might split
So scandalous as the virgin canvas
With no regard for the man who try the channel his deepest start to romance it

[Hook: x2]
The Canvas
With great works of art rest
Where created inspiration is made manifest
Philosophies and dreams executed by the hand
Before it's send out to man this is where it all began

[Verse 2:]
(The canvas) as fast as the Atlantic
Whether righteous and the rancid ideas are mansick
The organic Andy outlandish
The 3 way connection between my thoughts page and the pen that I brandished
I wrote a line I felt from within (yeah)
The page regurgitated back in the form of a flame that melted my pen
I replace it with one I figured was greater
The first acceptable line finally hits the paper several hours later
I was tired but couldn't rest till I'm thru
The canvas spoke to me again and calmly asked, "Is that best you can do? "
I said "Fool, I got a message for you, (ha ha)
How you gon disrespect my work and all of this time I've invested in you? "
It said, "You full of intellectual wealth,
You started this so now you gotta live up to the standard you set for yourself,
The unparallel creations the times the innovations
The mixture of real life situations and useful information."
I asked "Why do you care? " And replied,
"How can you lyrically stimulate people's minds if you and I don't coincide?
Besides the fact I'm being protective of you
Would you wanna have something written on your body that's not reflective of you? "
Had to agree that it's perspective was true
So in a second or two I brainstormed and intellectually grew
It was torture and my thoughts were exhausted
I didn't throw a mountain side of a wild orchid but a literary portrait
And what I wrote the page no wonder denounce it
My mind pushed and gave birth to a verse that weigh 3 tons and seven ounces
I asked, "How do you like it" It said, "I love it! "
Now I know my page will only accept words that are worthy of it

[Hook x2]

Ooh, look at it! It's so beautiful! So beautiful! What shall we name it?
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