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Testo Witness

Is killing a sin? Is it?
If it is let our Lord be my Judge
If I'm above the laws of man, am I above the law of God?
I did what I had to do and now I gotta suffer the consequence

I heard a loud gunshot
Who was it? I don't really know
All I saw was this cadillac creepin' real slow

They popped him at McGregor park
And left him bleedin' on a bench
Saw a brotha rollin' off wearin' some locs
And a black trench.

Hopped in the lac right a round 12 o clock
Realised that I've saw the whole murder, so he stopped
Called me over to his window
Pulled out the glock to me, in the back seat
The windows rolled up, the doors locked

He said: I know you saw this murder that just took place
So I can't let you make it cause I know you saw my face
But I got one little proposle and that might save you G
I can kill you now or you can come and work for me

He saw me thinking so he paused and than removed his locs
Looked in his eyes
I realised he wasn't tellin' jokes
I pictured money, cars and women than my mind went DAMN!
What's my first assignment?

Shoot 'em down shoot 'em down
Commit murder for the cash
Place his body in the ground
Friend or foe I got to blast
Gunfire all around
This ain't personal, it's business
I'm bustin' everybody, family members and the witness.

He started rollin' down a dark street and took a left
I'm havin' flashes of that fool that just got shot to death
Flipped to his mansion where all my feel would soon decrease
Gave me a strap and then they fit me for a new three piece.

Spent several hours in his office runnin' down a game
Gave me a map, a brand new pager and a list of names
And plus a picture of my victim kinda looked familiar
I know this sucka, what's the deal man? He tried' to kill ya?

He said: Don't never ask me questions
Just kill the man
Complete the job by twelve o' clock
It's good for 20 grand
I understand within a week I'm quick to strike a foe
I'm pullin' moves and make Al Capone look like a hoe.

Vision the man that went shyfe during his life and done
Some shit that brought about the murder of his wife and son
I came up in the village witnessed all them gangsta hits
Needed a lick so I pulled my gun and cocked it quick
A killers life it gets rougher when he is bustin' men
Multiple massacres, murders and human suffering
Obligated to bring life loss without a consciense
Funeral services arranged over some non shit


Received a call and got a name, a victim, time to spill em
His familymembers at my feet begging me not to kill him
Seven months deep, organised crime, no love in mind
The man I had to drop was in a wheelchair and blind
His wife was crying, he lost a batch[? ], trying to work his way up
But he was 30 gees behind and it was time to pay up
I never missed a hit, I had a perfect record, check it
Done witness body shot up, burned and left in kitchen's neggit

Before some reason, man, I'm feelin' kind of bad bout this one
I always think my hits so damn, it wouldn't hurt to miss one
I let him ride, but what about that thirty thousand, Black?
I say: He gave it back and paid the boss straight out my stack
Knew from the start that in this game I couldn't have a heart
All of the tactics I was taught, somehow I came up short
I told the man about my plan, I thought I left him gutless
The door flew open, I heard a voice sayin:
Man you shouldn't have done this!
It was the boss, he was testin' me to see if I
Was true to him but since I sold out it was time to die
I understood and knew the consequences of going left
Multiple gunshots to the body brought about my death!

Yeah, a little spinekiller from the mindkiller
Get with it
I can get with it
I can get with it
I can get with it [fading]

[Chorus x2]

And the witness
And the witness
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