You Created A Monsta Testo

Testo You Created A Monsta

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
[Hook x4]
Me coming to get'cha
Me coming to get'cha [gun shot]

[Verse One]
I'm so damn depressed
In south Park, nights are fear, days are stress
Brothaz telling me to watch out for they ass
Living where cops and dope fiends attack fast
Yo, wearing gold one Sunday
Punks threatened to gun me, took my shit from me
I know how complicated the game get
Thinking to myself "I'm going to be rollin with the same shit"
So my job days are finished
Why work a week for some shit that I can get in 5 minutes
Me and K.O. start to rollin
Got to the point, where a hard look, left a punks face swollen
Brothaz scared when I pass thru
They just don't know, I'm scared of they ass too
So how could I give a positive response
Your negativity, created a monster

[Hook x4]
Me coming to get'cha
Me coming to get'cha [gun shot]

[Verse Two]
I'm so damn depressed
Met this girl, fell in love, with no second guess
Thangs seem right for the first time
But them quiet ass hoes are the worst kind
Thinkin of the things I bought her ass (she was a freak)
Damn straight, I caught her ass
with a punk I hate, wasn't no hidin 'em
On a water bed in a hotel ridin 'em (yo)
Now my next girl payin for my ex girl mistake
Cuz I'm thinkin they all fake
Birthday and Christmas, they came everyday to me
Broke hoes, got nuthin to say to me
I gave her the game and she stuck wit' it
What's yours is mine, and what's mine, don't fuck wit' it
Females who want a positive response
Your negativity, created a monster

[Hook x4]
Me coming to get'cha
Me coming to get'cha [gun shot]

[Verse Three]
I'm so damn depressed
My brother is dead with bullet wounds in his chest
I asked this girl what kid to hit, what punk lid the split
Stop crying, and tell me who did the shit
She pointed at this trick in a blue shirt
I looked around, noticed some of my crew hurt
Realize their's nuthin I can do, no matter how much I wanted
Cuz this blue shirt had a badge on it
(point blank range, point blank range)
BOOM! It bust a cap and now I'm layin guts, sprayin
Wasn't thru yet, me and K.O
Shot another round, finna killa foe, time to go
Went home, thinkin the blood spilt, drown all my guilt
And some ice cream and milk, and sit back and built
A bomb, outta some shit that MacGyver would use
Went to the grid substation, and lit the fuse
Death row, my mother my father see
That I'm gonna die but that really don't bother me
It don't matter that I'm young and aint seen nuthin
And all the shit I had in life don't mean nuthin
Oh say can't you see, America beating the shit outta me
I'm tired of living, scared to die
Cuz nobody wants to help a South Park mentally raped monster
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