I Aint Perfect Testo

Testo I Aint Perfect

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
I Ain't Perfect, I'm Lookin In The Mirror At Myself, Like Koke It Ain't Working,
I'm Still Hurting, See the Pain In My Eyes No Lie, The Fires Still Burning,
The Worlds Still Turning, Still Fucked Up, Still Beef, Still Gotta Keep a Gun Tucked,
I Feel Cursed Still Nutin But Bad Luck, dey Want Me in a Box Carried By a Black Truck,
So I Cary Cuzzy I Ain't Tryna Act Tough,
I Ain't Proud Even Talking About This Strap Stuff,
I'm Trying To Get Away, Troubles Tryna Catch Up,
Everywhere I Go Clowns Wanna Hear the Strap Bust,
Truss, I Seen Life From a Different Vibe, Pissy Stair Ways, Crack, Houses and Homicides,
So Try Me Fam, I'm Going to Ride, A Fried Beef, Not Achieve, Never Gonna Hype,
The Street Life Got These Old Peeps Horrified, cause Yung G's Couldn't Care If Tomorrow Died,
I've Seen Hell Through My Mother's Eyes,
Ain't Nothing Worse Than When a Mother Cries, Wishes it Was Different, Wish We Had Another Life,
Mom You Done Your Best Please Don't Apologize,
Stop Looking With Those Worried Eyes, We're Going To Make It, We Have To I Promised Kiy,
My Little Princess, It's All For Her Interest, need My Nieces tia and Capricise,
And For the Little Unborn When It Reaches, Life Goes Fast So We Can't Mistreat It,
I've Been Living In the Heart Of A Secret, Made Me Dark, Made It Hard To Achieve Shit,
My Brain's Gonna Find It Hard To Even Speak It,
But It's In The Past So In The Past Is Where I Leave It,
I'm Full Of Street Shit, I Eat It and Breathe It,
You Don't Believe It I'll Show You How the Heat Spits,
Life's Sicker Than It's Ever Been,
I Feel Menacing,
There Ain't No Medicine
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