Repairman Testo

Testo Repairman

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
[Verse 1:]
I know he was the past, but the past tore me up in little pieces, pieces, pieces
I never knew I was a fool couldn't believe he was capable of creeping cheating creeping
Took me by surprise, couldn't see it in his eyes but the lipstick on his collar brought truth to all the lies, now I'm sitting in doubt with all these feelings about how all men are the same, maybe you can change that

I know you brought your tools today
My heart needs a few repairs
And I will open up (baby I'm not scared)
Just a few adjustments here and there
Can you be my repairman? (my repairman)
My repairman (my repairman)
Can you be my repairman? (my repairman)
My repairman, my repairman, my repairman

[Verse 2:]
If I was blind I could see that you're the right guy for a good position (oh and I guarantee)
All the girls ain't just no type of competition no (you took me by surprise when I saw it in your eyes)
This feeling is so real to me (boy you are the truth)
Come and be my handy man and fix all the damage I have


[Verse 3:]
Too all my ladies up in here if you need a handy man say Oh... ooh... oooh
And if he putting in overtime, won't you treat that man right say Oh... ooh... oooh...
Cause I really need somebody, to pull it together and mend all the pieces of my heart... come be my handy man... oohhh

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