My Addiction Testo

Testo My Addiction

(Intro: Man I can't keep my hands off these women man
I don't know what's wrong its like I got some sort of Addiction or something women from all around the world and I can't get enough)

My affliction was a female addiction
Like a fiend on crack I kept coming back
Loving every hit cuz I felt it
Hit so much I could smell it
Going through withdrawals after my withdrawal
No alcohol I'm tipsy off the tall
Super model type looking right
I had to upgrade to the high grade exotic
More wet the hydro chronic
When I'm planting seeds protecting roses from weeds
Before she ask I got exactly what she needs
Making her laugh when I'm when I'm tickling her knees
As she screams in ecstasy pulling her close to me
Trying to over cum my addiction

I got divorced from the chorus but the source of my pain remains the same
I started running some game
Telling people I've changed
Strung out on the feminine
Black, Latino, Arabic, Asian & Indian
Spending my free weekends with fine Europeans
Seeking sexual healing for the same reason I do
Its a vicious cycle of kissing and caressing
About this titillation and stimulation
To get with me she exhaled quickly
Then the addiction spread like an eagle flossing a bald head

Do I love you or do I love the lust
Or is it just the rush from every touch
The sensation always escalating my tolerance level
So I can't let go
Together as one when your gone I can't wait to see you come
Back to visit because we have unfinished business
(you know what that is)

Written by K. Real ASCAP American Society of Composers & Publishers. 5th Pillar Publishing. All Rights Reserved.
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