St. Peter (Better Than Yours) Testo

Testo St. Peter (Better Than Yours)

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Saint Peter stands outside his pearly gates when I arrive says
"Boy you've got a long time to wait"
I said "With all respect I haven't heard a word from God in
over twenty centuries"

He had too much on his mind to give a damn about me...

I took for granted of all the things that I was fortunate to have
like my family and my friends
I slept in late until the sun was almost dead and gone
but what was I suppose to do?

I had too much on my mind to give a damn about you...

So help me now I am lost
wandering these country streets alone
I need someone to help me
who has your name
who has your skin
who has your bones
who has your heart

I had too much on my mind to give a damn...
He had too much on my mind to give a damn...
We have too much on our minds to give a damn about ...YOU
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