Touch Me Testo

Testo Touch Me

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Knee deep in a shallow place, I find a way to rest my head
By giving myself to the more than willing
But these nights shatter my dreams of falling deep in love
I trade them in for something cheap and hollow
So I will never get what I want

Touch me a little bit harder now, oh just a little bit

So sip the cheap champagne called "love without sustain"
Such a bitter taste that keeps me warm
While my body is full of stress, deeply doused in decadence
Please hold me to what I am saying
So I will never get what I want

Well I provide security to those in need
But behind these eyes is a mind full of apathy
Towards those who care and want to hold the idea that is me
My love's designed to fall apart, rip at the seems
It falls apart, rips at the seems

I told you before
I don't feel the same
I want nothing more
Then to cast you away
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