In Nothing You Believe Testo

Testo In Nothing You Believe

Time is running out.
So many years went by.
What we dreamed - what we promised
It seems so far away.
Already you`re tired
Of being yourself.
You choose to be another - Just the next in line.
Go the predicted way.

You choose to decay
While still alive.
The man you were committed suicide,
Adopted to the hive.
They command you follow.
Your mind in chains.
Addicted to illusions - Pretending to be happy
Wormed into normal life.

Once we called you friend
And did you ever understand?

Do you know the term ideal?
You're words they were not real.
In nothing you believe!

Time is running out.
So many years went by.
Lost in void - to inanity
Equality reigns your day.
Why did you abandon?
Betraying dreams!
Your fight is over - our has begun!
We won't give up - we will go on!

Once we called you friend.
Did you ever understand?
In nothing you believe,
Not even in yourself!

You chose to wear a mask,
The face was thrown away,
We still know for what we live,
The way we are we stay!

All your dreams are gone.
Your former self is killed
Self killed dreams
In nothing you believe.
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