Enemies Multiply Kisses Testo

Testo Enemies Multiply Kisses

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
there has been a small cost on such
a big day walking on ground as one of us
living with peril and live's lost
saving all of us from acting just like us

to try is to fail

all we need is all we are
we are not what we would know

walking as we do, waking as we are, living with live's lost

when we would sacrifice our own lives
to strengthen that which brightens our worst enemies
we would finally learn to love life
while placing much more mercy where it's most in need

to teach is to learn

to press on without tears is to be void of love
as pupils we will grow
and lessons will be received
and we will someday all agree on life and understanding
and then finally learn
in this life or the next
why some days are so big, and most costs are so small
don't live in life lost
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