Manhattan Loves You Testo

Testo Manhattan Loves You

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
there are some who are walking on
a tightrope of inevitability,
wearing a persona sewn with threads of blind reason,
and cultivating landscapes whose
erected palisades are fashioned with words,
delusive cogitation that merely conceals their intendment
and assures their vainglory

meanwhile their hearts are failing by association

as they mold pliable logic and fabricate palatable coincidence
in hopes of unveiling a unique divine axiom
which only masks their purpose

i can only offer one simple solution that's not biased in any way,
in order to get what you need,
you need to take care of those around you.

Don't hope to know anything until you know you know nothing,
Don't hope to have anything until you've given it all away.
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