Just A Dream Testo

Testo Just A Dream

(feat. Tek-Nique)

Verse 1
Looking back to when our eyes first met
Before our love had any regrets
It was meant to be, a mystery
How you said to me
Said you would always cherish me
Love me oh so faithfully
But you took your promise away
How did our love go astray

Am I just dreaming
Or are you really here with me
Is this just a dream
Or are we in my fantasy
Waking now, it was just a dream
An empty bed, no you and me

Verse 2
Only memories of your last touch
Still how I miss you oh so much
Sleepless nights, endless days
To take this pain away
Just to hold you in my arms again
Never have to look back on the pain
Now your love is gone
I'm all alone singing this song

You was always the girl my boys wished they had
At times when I was mad you would make me glad
Ma I pictured you out to be the perfect chick
Yah we went through our drama like any relationship
I thought it would go long
Turned around after a minute and you ended doing me wrong
I'm in the Range sitting back contemplating leaving
So to answer your question, ya ma you're dreaming, wow
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