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Testo Self-esteem

J Ax e Fedez tornano con Assenzio
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Always them fashion clothes,
spent hours in front of the mirror,
making dates with your female friends,
bracelets and diamonds around your hands.

But when you dig a bit deeper, start a little conversation,
look a little bit closer, then I can see that,
there's nothing behind this beautiful shelter you want everyone to see.


Girls! Why can't you show me some self-esteem?
you're so awkward, insecure, why don't you challenge me more?
Girls! Why can't you show me some self-esteem?
I'm so sick and tired of meeting these insecure girls that I meet.

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For me it would be really nice,
if you could put wenga in your life,
it will increase your life quality
and you future possibilities

because, when you feel awkward, I feel that it's awkward,
everything is just awkward, awkward.
and I won't go around feeling this guilt because someone feels weird
around me...


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  • Guarda il video di "Self-esteem"
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