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Mano Bebakhsh (recite) Testo Kamran & Hooman

Mano Bebakhsh (recite) Testo

Testo Mano Bebakhsh (recite)

Tiziano Ferro, lacrime di commozione durante il live a San Siro
Age delam tang mise kheyli barat, mano bebakhsh.
Age negamgam mise to sahre cheshat, mano bebakhsh.
Mano bebakhsh age sabhat setaareharo mishmoram.
Age hamas bise hame behet migam dooset daaram.
Mano bebakhsh age baraat sabad sabad gol michinam.
Mano bebakhsh age shabhaa faghat to ro khab mibinam.
Mano bebakhsh age man toro misporamet daste Khoda,
Age pishe gharibeha be jaye "to" migam "shoma".
Mano bebakhsh age vase cheshaaye to kheyli kamam,
To ye fereshteyi o man kheyli bahsam bi adama.
Mano bebakhsh age faghat mikhamam messi male Khodam.
Bebakhsh age kamam vali ziyadi asheghet shodam.