Damaged Testo

Testo Damaged

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
You took me apart and broke all the pieces
injected me with all your filth and diseases
hating lying always denying
is that all that youre made of
giving nothing pushing shoving
is this all that youre made of
time for seeing a new beginning
the reasons for leaving
you keep me you keep me
nothing healing flesh is peeling now im seeing
you keep me you keep me
you me damaged
you made it easy easy to hate you
i never know what lies beneath you
always taking systematically breaking
everything that im made of
clawing scraping desperately reaching
for what ever im made of
pain is all that i feel
such beauty in it still
a slave for all to beat
a maggot covered piece of meat
you licked my wounds to keep me bleeding
im slowly drained from all your feeding
using abusing so fucking amusing
the damage is done
waiting taking killing erasing
look at the damage youve done
pain is all that im feeling
damage is all that im seeing
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