Attack On Tir Asleen Testo

Testo Attack On Tir Asleen

We may not have a common tongue,
But we all hate Bavmorda.
We've given her reason
Given her guile.
Given her prophecy,
But there's one reason to put you here,
Because we all hate Bavmorda.
I won't be complacent when our womb spits forth
A hopeful future.
That baby gets so ugly along the way
(And that hate is special in every way)
I'll stab you in the neck and spit upon your argument
Hand over your tongue,
That question never should have arose.
We should be back to back
And if I cut your skin off, you'd look just like me
And you'll be skewered like a boar,
When you stare into the sunset
(Thinking you can't trust a soul)
Those fallacies are cherished akin to chastity,
Though they're never given up as easy
"You're all pigs!" they scream
Destroy the beast and find the baby
No wonder its been so easy
Pigs can't stand the smell of blood
I'll give you my head, wouldn't that be so special
Wouldn't it be better if we were not so clever
And maybe we'll have better luck next time
Don't even take a chance
Don't even dip your feet in
You'll just break your neck
Because there's nothing left
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