I Think Patrick Swayze Is Sexy! Testo

Testo I Think Patrick Swayze Is Sexy!

It's how I love the feeling of sex and desperation

lose the pace and churn the legs with panoramic lip gestation that mutilation reeks of sex;
I'll take that hemorrhage to my temple
that's why I love to smell the sex in every heartbeat, killer

my lips don't work with vision but my hips can't live without it
danger, danger just don't give into strangers selling blood that melts my heart
K-I-S-S or K-I-L-L
you're not quite immune like heartbreak
(and that's quite a catch)
(and she's not quite dead)
and creates that mechanism to save us from the stench of selling poisons door to door
with blood that melts your heart
(please just be my chloe)
if you'll be my Chloe, then I'll be your Jacob Sewell
if you were a kitten then they would skin you, softly

that's how the ingrates keep the lovers second guessing the blood feud
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